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Digital Development • Strategic Marketing

My Skills

Digital Marketing, Strategic Communications, Professional Development.

Personalized, Professional Digital and Web Development

Web Development

I customize and build websites from the ground up using WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Bootstrap, and more to maximize impact and efficiency.

Strategic Marketing for List Growth

Strategic Marketing

I use modern marketing practices, including content marketing, B2B, email marketing, AdWords and search advertising, affiliate marketing, amre more to stimulate growth and positive performance.

Analytics Reports and Audience Profiles


I use Google Analytics so that clients never operate in the dark; detailed insights, audience profiles, and consumer demographics reports are second nature.

Social Media Strategist

Social Media

In a social marketplace, people skills are paramount. I strategize according to target audiences to maximize relevance and build interest.

Efficient Demographic Targeting

Demographic Profiling

To satisfy the needs of a diverse range of clientele, I target both local and global audiences with carefully crafted AdWords, display, and social media campaigns.

Best-in-class original content proliferation

Optimized Content

I cut through the noise and optimize original content to deliver relevant, timely, and insightful content to satisfy the ever-growing demand for quality content.

Digital Development

I'll create, optimize, or audit your digital presence to make your digital branding an envious leader within of your industry.

With clients ranging from small community groups to Municipal government to small businesses, I have a well-rounded skillset and a passion for development that will bring your digital branding to the top of its class. In 2015, I founded Home Planet Media to provide professional digital services and fill a unique niche within the online community.

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Branding and Strategic Marketing

I plan to say something rather poignant in this space.
In the meantime, check out my cleverly named magazine, Marketing and Communications.

I'm trained in branding, B2B marketing, SEO, site analytics, AdWords and social media marketing (including Facebook, Twitter, etc), content marketing, and much more. I'm an advertising news junkie, so I'm always up to date on the latest trends... which is good news for my clients! Between my theoretical knowledge from my M.A. and B.A. studying communications and culture and my hands-on experience advertising for Watershed Organizations to Golf Courses, I'm ready to take on any client niche.

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My favorite hobby in my nonexistent free time.

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