I’m Steven Natiello, the IT, New Media, Operations Projects, and Committee Liaison at Middle Smithfield Township and overall geek. Here you can get to know a bit about me, with some of the work I’ve done in the past and some of the ‘work’ I do for fun. You’ll find that in a lot of ways I’m a guy of contrasts; I’m absolutely fascinated by emerging mobile and social technology, but utterly beholden to all things nature. I love exploring, whether it be with my Android phone in search of the latest great tech news or by my mountain bike through the woods in search of incredible natural scenes.

I’ll type up a brief bio here soon. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy my site. If you’re interested in my photography, I’ve had the pleasure of shooting some incredible and diverse scenes, events, and subjects. It’s a fun hobby of mine, and I love improving.

I combine my photography outings with my other major outdoor hobby: mountain biking. From trails to tracks, if a bike can ride it, you’ll find me on it with my camera in tow. I have some early plans to get more involved with certain subcultures within the bicycling community, so stay tuned. (#IntentionallyVague)

My professional focus is a different art entirely. Coming from a four year degree in advertising, I’ve learned it’s one thing to learn the theory… and another thing entirely to put it into practice. I’ve come a long way since my first few ad designs, but I still have so much to learn. Thankfully I’ve had some great constructive criticism to help me along the way. Check out some of my ad work here.

Of course I would be remiss without mentioning the single largest project I’ve tackled in my life. The Political Tweet is much more than just my thesis. It’s the product-in-progress that represents the fusion of my education experience. My M.A. in Political Science reflected my realization that my interest in Communications could actually make a difference in politics. As social media rose to provide a platform for the ensuing wellspring of social-political activity, I worked to gain a background that could help me to contribute to that bridge between the social and the political. People shouldn’t have to be “into” politics to have a voice in politics; political communication should be a two-way street, and emerging and mobile technology has the power to make that a reality.